February 07, 2012

Ask Sandy Cheeks

Those of you who watch asksandycheeks might have guessed that already, but I'm pretty much sure that this is the end of that (very short) tumblr. I am so bored of the entire concept and drawing it feels like a chore, not my hobby.

And you guys might have noticed that I havent posted any art here for a while now, I'm kinda on 34 vacation, drawing on /co/ for LoK and AT, I'll probably get back to my regular irregularity when paheal gets its shit figured out and I get my shit together. I'll post all the stuff when I come back.


  1. Hey guy. I hope that your AT Adventure doesn't go the same way. I am enjoying it a lot, and I frequently link my buddies to the blog when it has an update.

  2. nah, the AT adventure is way more fun to do

    1. Excellent. I will do all in my power to make this end in Finn/Marceline sloppy makeouts.


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