January 12, 2012

3d sculpting

I just downloaded sculptris and Ima try out some 3d sculpting for the next few days, looks like it could be fun.


after a few attempts at rushing in without any idea what to sculpt I just took my clump of clay and punched it into the vague form of tigress' head.Dunno if I'll continue with this 3d sculpting. One hour for something like that? drawing is so much more time efficient. And there's alot of  restrictions to this sculpting, It's not really good for thin and long things like limbs and fingers and holes seem difficult to make, too.


  1. I would recomend you starting with some propper 3d tool (like blender) if you plan on continuing with 3d. Then you learn the art behind edge flow and texture tricks rather than just the base shaping. Blender also has its own sculpt engine in it.

    I managed to rip the master tigress model from the game itself and made it into a source player model as one of my little projects :P

    This was easier rather than trying to model tigress wothout proper reference drawings/images.

    That is also very important when doing 3d modeling, always to have ref sheets (side, front) to make sure the model is to scale in all dimentions.

    Those are my tip's / stories aboutt 3d modeling if you even bothered to read :P

    /Mighty mike on a iphone

    1. Greetings there! Forgive me if I'm intruding or anything, but did you really make a Master Tigress player model for Source?
      I'm rather curious. Do you ever plan on releasing it one day somewhere? At least I myself would be rather curious to try it out. :) If it's not possible, well, it's understandable. I was just curious to know.

  2. So you're saying that blender is even better than what I understand as basically the freeware version of zbrush?
    Well, I don't really plan on continuing this anyway (like I said in the post :P)
    It's just something I wanted to ckeck out.

  3. It takes time to learn something new. I, for one, can work out a 3d render fairly quickly. I, however, prefer writing stories and programming.

  4. Why don't you people make 3d art then? We can never have enough 34!

    1. Because, I don't have the time anymore. Having a life sucks.... NOT THAT I AM SAYING YOU DON'T HAVE ONE IT'S JUST...I should stop now.
      On another note, it does not look that bad. And once you have a 3d model you can reuse it and make alterations when necessary to fit your purpose.

  5. I could easily make that tigress model 34 style. in fact, i should and send it to you with a small tutor on mesh making in blender if you get intrested more.

    the fun thing with 3d modeling is that you can not really do wrong and errors are easily adjusted. it is like if you could draw and could etit each line if its anything you want to adjust

    aka its easy if you put time into it and the outcome can be used for multiple purposes.

    / mighty mike

  6. I'd like very much to see some of your stuff.


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