December 22, 2011


So it finally happened, My img/day count on paheal dropped to 0.3 ... That's not acceptable!! But I know already what I'm gonna draw to get it back to 0.4

Ima draw some alien loli girl on girl. Expect tugruta and asari and twilek and whatever their names.

I actually wanted to work on the next asksandy post (it's not dead yet ... yet), but that's gonna be delayed a bit more (I'm really sorry, I did plan on something for christmas but I just don't see it happen)
-Imaajfpstnfo out


this is what I had in mind.
I'm gonna slap different faces on those bodies and make like 5 - 6 pics (Okay, maybe that's a bit of cheating, but I really care about that imagecount. It's an honor thing.), so if you know any aliens that would fit that gerneral look just hit me.

1 comment:

  1. Asoca frome star wars. Very hot. Also the slivean from a british show called doctor who. theyr basicly lizard people. XD


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