November 01, 2011

Back in Black

Guess who's back!

I contacted Google with my new e-mail address at some gayass site I signed up for ( which didn't let me read my mail, well, they did, but it looked like this:

But as I was gonna contact them again I tried to log in to get to the support page and I noticed they were super cool about it anyway and revived my account! So I deleted my google+ profile which apparently caused all this mess (I didn't want to give google my real name). So ... YAY GOOGLE! HURRAH!


  1. Where does "imaajfpstnfo" come from anyway?

  2. Glad to see you back. Now patiently awaiting a new Tigress/Po comic :-)

  3. Oh they wouldn't stop you, they would be to busy roflmaoing or fapping away or puking their guts out to remove this. Must have been an accidental push-of-the-big-red-button on your account :3

  4. mike: it's an acronym

    calkhi: I'm pretty sure that was the case xD

  5. Im gonna read your e-mail. HahaXD

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