September 19, 2011

Rio 2/2 finally

Wow, this pic was a lot of trouble.

Edited, stupid languages sound exactly the same 90 % of the time anyway, tico taco yayaya, tico taco yayaya!


  1. Im sorry, but brazilians actually speak portuguese, not spanish

  2. You need help?
    Im better than a google translator

  3. I'm not gonna edit this again xD
    But please DO tell me what she'd most likely say.

  4. Well she is saying literary "stop male"
    The word Macho means male, it is used as biological male, or to say how manly you are, (i think you can understand this concept by the word macho-man), though this phrase sounds weird to me.
    Im not sure what she would most likely say because i still haven't figured what you want her to say. This doesn't make much sense in portuguese, and i cant figure if she is enjoying or not.
    Lets do like this, tell me what you want her to say in english and i will translate in the way we would say it

  5. "You're so manly!" like, self confident macho-manly (positively)

  6. Well i think it could be
    "Nossa, você é macho mesmo!"
    After much though i found this to be the most natural... It is really hard to find a way to say this that doesn't sound kind of sarcastic.
    By the way, the literal translation is
    Nossa = Wow, Você = you, é = are, Macho = Manly mesmo = Really

    And the real trasnlation is
    Wow, you are really manly!

    The translation to You're so manly would be (if you prefer)
    Você é tão macho!


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