September 12, 2011

page twentynine

29. Sorry for gayass romance scene but it's somehow necessary for the story of the whole thing.
You might have noticed I changed tigress' design a bit, I'm gonna let the people vote when the comic is sketched to choose between three tigress designs, classical, original and stylized.


  1. Idk, but i think in the last 2 frames tigress's nose shoud be thicker/bigger... like the first frame on last page. I dont think you need to vote... just draw her as close to the real thing as possible and everyone will be happy :P


  2. I dunno about that, you haven't seen the stylized version yet, I have some sketches here and I think it's pretty hot.

  3. Well you do great work in general so i look forward to any type kind of art you post and so far i think you done awesome job on the comic but I generally don't like when artist alter the main look of the character they portray.. especially in rule34 related stuff, kind of looses the whole idea of it. but that's just me :-*

  4. thanks :D
    yeah, I don't think my version of her will make it in the poll, either, but I still have high hopes for the stylized version, and I'll use it for the last few pages.
    I guess the first chapter (OMG SPOILERZ!) will be finished within the next 15 pages or so.


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