September 14, 2011

Page thirtyone



  1. This os getting better and better!

    I have to stop Checking in Every day so i can see more of The comic at Once! :D

    Great speed of work posting a page a day without cutting quality!
    Great work! , again

  2. agree with last post. very good work, picture quality grows every day!

  3. Interspecies romance, ain't it grand? Let's just hope that Dreamworks does go with this for Tigress in Po in the next films- not porn of course, that ain't gonna happen. But a tender, loving relationship between the two of them would be nice. Not to mention that so many fans want it. Hell, ever film critic Roger Ebert says "Speaking of "Panda 3," I wonder if the relationship between Po and Tigress will advance from its current status as what might be called a warm friendship. Tigress seems to occupy a favored position in Po's heart, reopening the possibility of cross-species pollination. " (source:


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