September 30, 2011


Had the idea to make a blog like 'ask pinkamina' or 'as molestia' (ask xy, you get the drift.), but not with gayass ponies. I came up with a muscle-themed asksandycheeks (alternatively exhibition-themed asksandycheeks). Should I start something like that? What ideas for 'ask xy' blogs do you guys have? (doesn't have to be furry)


  1. err.. doesn't seem like fun...
    Rather you do the Tigress thing 100% until it's finished first.

    Muscle Sandy doesn't sound at all interesting

  2. I didn't really specify a time. I would need more followers first, anyway. Those 'ask xy' blogs have over 500 followers. I don't know how many subscribers I have, but I only have 11 followers xD


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