September 25, 2011

3 kinds

I like the dream version with tits best (2nd from right).


  1. I find the imaajfpstnfo version the most attractive. The buffed muscle definition and the subtle athletic curves are hot! The original style is a close 2nd, as.. well, it's the original Tigress! I always love the Rule34 that looks most like the original character.

  2. Agree with anon. Either imaajfpstnfo version or movie version... Or maybe something inbetween.
    I dont really like the stylized version much since it does not look alot like The real tigress and does not have a "top model shape" :P

    I dont really know but i would probobly vote for option 2 in The end since we are after all talking about rule 34 material here.

  3. The original looks the best; either that or the Teats version.

  4. I prefer the original, too.

  5. I think imaajfpstnfo's version of Master Tigress and the original are both really great. But I'm leaning toward the athletic Tigress mostly because thats how a very active, kung fu master is expected to look like. (Definatly digging those curves.) As for the rule 34 having to look exactly like the original character, nobody know what she looks like naked, not even Dreamworks. Keep up the good work!


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