September 29, 2011


Alright, I've got 10 followers(that took much longer than expected), one of them wins a free commission in full colour in any style they want with any theme they want and whatnot. It just has to be realizable, so no 10000-character-orgy or something like that. xD

And the winner is ... 'Joshua Shams-Avari'. What a strange name! Come get your prize, just e-mail me or write it in the comments or on the moon, anywhere I can see it.

The next lottery will be over another free commission at 20 followers, good luck next time.


  1. ow nice, geez for him :D followers dont mean number of lookers :D

  2. Let me just go and FIRE MAH LAZOR! at the moon.(no, not really) I sent you an email, in it is my IRC name. I don't know why I put that in there. To say the least, I am giddy. I hope you can understand how much this means to me.


Here's a number for ya. Pretty low innit? Wanna help make it bigger?