August 22, 2011


That's all I had prepared story-wise, so from this point onwards I'll basically just make the whole thing up as I draw, so this is the time for you to help me to help you fap. Just post your ideas or suggestions or general help or just your support anywhere on this blog, preferably in either the related or the newest post and let me know what you want or what you don't want. :D
I will do my best to continue posting regularly every day.


  1. ow) nice idea, but bad idea in a time :D if ppl will write theirs ideas and you will draw it, then there's no surprise in every page, how you think?

  2. What the above poster said sounds reasonable. But if you are looking for some ideas then I'll throw in my 2 cents.

    Before Viper has a chance to cause a distraction, Tigress catches Po spying. Horny but angered she forces Po to perform sexual acts (Slave,Master...get it, Master Tigress)at the risk of Po recieving a savage beating from Tigress. Viper could either watch, dumbstruck at the kinkiness and masterbate or can join in lol.

    Anyway there is one idea.

  3. As much as I'd like to do that, being very dominant myself, it just would not fit the kind of story I wanted to go for, but maybe I could come back unto that idea at a later point of the story.

  4. Hmm. how about Viper slither unannounced in the water, then surprise and end her stealth teasing Tigress? She could even say it's better than her fluffy tail. After that, Viper would maybe try to ram inside Tigress and the feline would masturbate her... meanwhile, Po watches all, not resisting and actually masturbating as well. He would blast his cover by moaning, with a horny tigress looking at him (Viper would have her head inside the feline's vagina, so she can't see). Then... well, I guess people can help you better than me, hehe. I'm looking forward this comic!


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