August 26, 2011

Page seventeen

I won't be able to upload/draw anything tomorrow...presumably.

Viper gusta!


  1. I am so liking where this is going.

    Question, will you work on this comic after finishing the sketches?

  2. I am so liking your comment.

    Answer, as long as my img per day count on paheal doesn't drop below 0.4 I will try to finish the comic completely, maybe even in full colour, probably will print a very small number of softcovers to give away for free or shit like dat.

    But I will take a short break every time my img per day count reaches 0.3 to post more on paheal.

  3. Oh, I see.
    We, the viewers, are glad to know that this piece of art will be finished.

    Thank you so far.


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