August 21, 2011


Many of you might think subsciption via feeds is the same as following via google, but subscription via feeds wont get you that free commission that you can win! I'll also do more of those lotteries in the future, this isn't gonna be a one time thing. I might even eventually throw out actual prizes like prints of commissions or my regular work on special occassions. So please follow me. Oh, and save the endangered pacific northwest tree octopus!


  1. I hope using "Follow by Email" (above Blog Archive) is acceptable

  2. I'm sorry, not if you want to participate in the lottery.
    I can only keep track of registered members. Feeds and e-mail won't do because I don't have a list of subscribers for those services.
    Hope you understand :)

  3. Done. I didn't know I had to be signed into blogger first.

  4. Am I following? This interface sucks... I can't tell!

  5. Yes, you're following, thank you :D


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