June 04, 2014

She's a squealer!

fetish comic 078
Not she. ...
(Sorry about all the padding. Sex stuff will happen soon, probably.)

I could have posted on time, but I wanted to finally get some work done on the pictures I still owe you guys.
My Computer had a stroke again and I couldn't work on it though.
It got better, relatively speaking.
I need a new computer...
So, yeah, here ya go.
Astrid_Hofferson pig_slave piece_of_shit_meat_toilet less_than_dirt
... She is.
What I'm gonna do is I'll post one panel like this of a pig-slave Astrid comic strip - one of the free commissions - every week, like the fetish comic, so that at some point I'm bound to be done with it.
I'm so clever.
The other one is more up my alley amd I'll probably hopefully finish it soon.
God, I'm just fucking horrible for making you wait like this.
I feel so bad.
I'm so sorry.

Apropos horrible:
Don't ask, I don't even.
Check it out, I'm now on Hentai-Floundry!
I even wrote a story!

Full story after Jump break for maximum convenience:

Fantasy FRICTION 36: Golems And Prophecies

Zonya in the valley of Golems

Zonya, daughter of the broodmother of Mahkra, was the nastiest, raunchiest, most disgusting and comeliest wench anyone has EVER laid their eyes on. Period.

Her perfect tits, whenever laid bare to some unluckily lucky warrior’s eyes, which is always, were so mesmerizingly perfect, that they would instantly blind him and make him grow a hard-on so hard, it would explode, if not treated within 5 minutes, which was also always, because Zonya loved polishing warrior’s hyper weapons.

Her face had the features of the gods - all of them - and she had to always hide it behind her awesome Tier69 helmet, the only piece of her armor she DIDN’T set to be invisible in the style tab, for danger of turning any living thing within a one mile radius into her eternal love-slave, and, while that certainly didn’t sound too bad in theory, in practice, having hundreds of love slaves following her everywhere would always get pretty annoying after a few weeks and in the end she’d had to triple kill them all, because the magical perfection of her face would not only bewitch them in their lifetime, but would also last well into their ghost, and even double-ghost afterlives.

She did so many taint longerers every day, that she could now take an entire Ogre King of Ulgorr in one hole, and a Cyclopseses fist into the other, and still have room for her trusty demon steed “Pferdinand” in the third one. That’s right: This wench had two daddy-fuckin pussies. That’s FOUR pussylips. Just the right amount.

Zonya was pretty dinged danged fucked up from all the dinged dang dong she had fucked up herself. She laid pretty much every man, woman, animal, demon, Dracula, Bat-Beast, Snake-Beast, Cat-Beast, Dog-Beast, Wizard, Wizard-Beast, and whatever the fuck else you want to come up with in the entirety of existence. Yes, even those from the past, and also from the future, just in case they believed in the concept of determinism, which most of the futuremen did, as they were an educated people, and they felt uncomfortable with the idea of indeterminism, because “dat shit just don’t make no sense”.

Aaanyway, ...
Zonya had been in a bad mood lately. Her inability to get any NEW puss or puss-destroying hyper weapon into her own puss was annoying her mildly. She had tasted, used and AB-used every sexual and nonsexual organ of any lifeform in her realm. Was there nothing left to do? “Wait a fucking second!”, Zonya screamed in the throes of an intense assgasm, caused by Pferdinand's huge horse cock, but also an epiphany caused by something in her general brain-area. Now, Zonya wasn’t the buzziest vibrator in the walk-in vibrator closet, but she sure was amazed she didn’t think of this sooner. Probably because her mind was kind of occupied with pleasuring herself 34/9 before, and now, after 15 years of non-stop fucking, she finally had a second to think about something other than sex: The implication of sex.

 “I only fucked everything that is alive, or once was, or will be! I still have to fuck all non-living things!”

That was the conclusion she reached. Now all she had to do was to find some sort of magical construct of inanimate matter brought to life by magic. Of course, she could always use her own magic, which, as she now recalled, she did on several occasions in the past, to conjure up magical dildos or summon sex-demons, but that would just be glorified masturbation. Just like the time she created eight thousand clones of herself, to have the fifth-biggest gangbang of her life. No, what she needed was something special, to get her back into mood.

The best way to find her newest sexual-conquest-to-be, she surmised, would be to ask her Mother. As the mother of all the inhabitants of Mahkra, she was bound to know some good places to get her rocks off, so to speak.
Zonya swiftly teleported to the broodmother’s lair.

The stank of jizz and sweat, birth-jizz and sweat-jizz lay so heavily in the air, that she now was unable to see more than 5 feet in front of her. Out of the misty sex-fog in front of her emerged the usual stream of newborn humans and animals crawling out into the wilderness where they would grow up to be the strongest warriors and/or most powerful sorcerers, or die trying, and from behind her some of those grown up warriors returned to their mother to create more offspring. Such was life for every person in Mahkra.

Zonya had only seen her mother once: The day she herself was born, fully adult, in all her perfection that did not fade one bit to this day. At the moment of her birth, when Zonya emerged, her radiance and beauty shone through the mist and distracted everyone from fucking long enough, that the jizz-fog could settle. At that moment Zonya was able to see her mother for the first and the last time. She would never forget it.

The mother was - contrary to what you’d think a person that births a constant stream of creatures of all races - not at all some sort of freakish mix between Jabba and a giant ant queen with a thousand pussies and two thousand pussy lips. Instead, she was simply a giant woman, who wasn’t even having sex at all. She actually was just blowing off everyone, and everytime she swallowed, the jizz she gulped down seemed to instantly create life within her womb, because slowly afterwards an amount of newborn creatues would arise from her folds and escape the jizzy mist of the cave. In fact, the mother wasn’t even loose at all by all the birthing, because she was a giant woman.

“Pretty good life”, Zonya reckoned that day.

Zonya would one day fulfill an ancient prophecy that made her mother into a giant and the current broodmother, just like her mother before and her mother before (and that’s it, the prophecy wasn’t actually that ancient at all), by fucking everything in existence, but that is a story for another day.

Her mother told her of an ancient battleground from the wizard wars filled with some of the biggest and hardest rock-hard inactive golems she ever did see. “Perfect!” Zonya cried out orgasmically, since some of the animals and men who were here for their mother missed their target through the warm mist and instead fucked Zonya’s two pussies and perfect ass, but also because she wanted to cry out “perfect!” to express her satisfaction with her mother’s idea.

After she was done in the cave she gave her mother a quick French kiss and hurriedly teleported to the location her mother hat described to her.

There they were: Hundreds upon hundreds of deactivated abandoned golems just waiting to be reactivated were standing in a grand valley. Each of their fingers were half the size of her body. Ghosts and skeletons of wizard soldiers were also roaming the area as well, all of whom she had fucked already, none of them she wasn’t willing to fuck again.

This was gonna be fun.

The end.


  1. I will give you thanks on public as well friend!! Thank you for the wonderful drawing! I am very lucky, I very much looking forward to the remaining of the drawings. Thank you.

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