April 02, 2014

The summer is starting early this year.

Sorry I'm late. There's nothing special about this page that could have caused it to be delayed. In fact, I think it looks rather crappy, but stuff's been getting in my way, not all of it was really important, but now it hapen.
So, yeah, sorry about that.
fetish comic 069
Those were the best days of my life.
 Did these for /co/. Not much to say about them...
Junglydyret_Hugo Hugo Rita Watersports

Gunnerkrigg_Court George_Parley Paz_Cadena-Blanco muscle
And that's all. I got nuthin'.
I'm gonna get back on track, I promise.

Downloaded Mercenary Kings, I'll try it out and write what I think about it.

Mercenary Kings is fucking sweet.
Let's see...
You take a little bit of the Scott Pilgrim game, trying to look a bit like Metal Slug, then take a bit of Contra, why not? Throw that in there. Add in homages to other games and movies from the era and, to top it all off, combine them in a hunting and gathering upgrade system like Monster Hunter has.
You got this game!
It's fucking sweet!
Except for its online problems right now.
There's some things wrong with online, both conceptually and in the execution.
There's disconnections and errors that crash the game ( The PS4 handles these crashes extremely well, btw, immediately showing you that an error occurred and asking you if you wanna report it. It doesn't take any time at all to do this, which is good) and I don't know if it is a glitch or just people trolling, but many times you get paired up with players who are frozen in place. This causes you to not be able to start a mission.
This is a conceptual flaw, even if the frozen thing is a glitch, because YOU CAN NOT KICK PLAYERS.
That is a function that is DESPERATELY lacking.
Every time you get a frozen guy you have to disband your entire party.
Okay, that wouldn't even be that bad IF IT WASN'T ENTIRELY RANDOM WHO YOU'RE TEAMED UP WITH.
Yeah, you can't pick rooms or sesions, all you have is inviting riends or random public.
And I would even make people from a group I liked my friends, to play with them in private, to avoid all this, but the PS4 doesn't show me the players I've met for this game for some reason!
I would have to write down their names manually.
There's also the problem that the host is in complete control over which mission gets played.
Why not have a vote on this?
Why can't everyone pick the mission they wanna do?
Despite its online problems it's still a great game and I would seriously give it a
if they fix online.

You can even decorate your tent with a haniwa!
Like the ones in the Rance games!
What more could you ask for?!
Getting this game despite its online flaws is moe!

Also, I got featured on paheal again. What is this, like, the billionth time?


  1. Heyo, Briber here- Thanks for doing that Parley picture and I'm happy you enjoyed the story. I put up my next trade-suggestion but it kept on getting deleted (and I'm probably banned from /co/ now too for reposting) so in case you didn't see it I'll put it up here:


    As we've done arms, lets go for legs. Parley being forced to run with weights on, keeping her knees up as Paz encourages her.

    I'm torn on whether she should pull something heavy with Paz encouraging from there, or whether she's forced to keep pace by something running ahead of her with a chain to her new clit piercing, and Paz off to the sidelines. I trust your judgement on this.

    Just to keep the arms busy, I think maybe she's carrying something on her shoulders too, like one of those milk-maid setups. Blindfolds or a hood are optioned, as is a harness, but I think the harness'd work well for adding springs or extra tension, and if she's pulling anything (hooking the bar into side-springs so pushes down more, as Paz tells her to keep posture?)

    Thanks for considering another request and sorry for imposing on your comments page with this, feel free to give me another lesbian scenario to writefag.

    P.S. I enjoyed reading your comic too. Keep calm and carry on.

  2. Yeah, I saw, I just didn't have time to respond.
    ... And then I played Mercenary Kings.
    So, basically what you want is Parley as a pony slave?

    I'll see if I can spare the time.
    Right now it doesn't look too good...

    1. Or a jogger; the goal's more exercise than anything.

      In anycase, have fun! I'm off to play Planetary Annihilation.

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