February 28, 2014

Still, I write my songs...

fetish comic 064
Dun dududun dun du dun dun du dun!
This page is late because I finished a game I've been trying to beat for a whole month.

This is a video of it:
Have fun watching the insanity.

This is half an hour of gameplay. I LITERALLY invested ONE HUNDRED TIMES more playtime in this. LITERALLY. It took me about FIFTY HOURS!
Fuck Capcom. I love you, Capcom.

But now I can say I beat one of the hardest games ever so I gained a lot of MLG STREET CRED, YO!

Now that my soul is free from Gun.Smoke's torment I hope I can not only return to schedule with the comic but also give you guys more artwork and maybe even get my educational life back on the line.

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