October 10, 2012

mechromancer is here

I might be convinced to finish this today if you guys really want. 
I'm gonna be honest here, this character is way too overpowered, like, making-her-boring kind of overpowered.

I also sketched a toph triple fisting pic I wanna finish sometime soon and I should really finish the raven bj and bloodwing pics. Oh, and I wanted to do a Master Viper watersports pic because the Tigress one got more positive response than I'd have thought. All this while I still have to do character designs for a german fellow artist working on a game and the teen titans comic while also somehow trying not to fail every single class I could possibly fail and then some.

Also, I got a freakin railgun from the golden loot chest. 25k dmg 96 acc 8 spd (the high speed is kinda annoying, tho because it often fires 2 shots even if I just tap the trigger ever so slightly, making it almost useless to snipe with) I can't make screenshots, but it's pretty similar to this one, but for lvl50 and it has a different scope:

And I got this one, too (again, probably with slight differences):


  1. All of those seem to be incredibly good.
    Nice finds.

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